Lahore School of Law intends to facilitate brilliant and passionate students by providing scholarships from 10% to 100% waiver of tuition fee based on Merit & Need basis.

LSL expects applicants to either display a brilliant educational record (i-e more than 70% marks obtained in intermediate, position holders, toppers) OR manifest passion for Law by providing a personal statement arguing for why you want to study law and what difference it will make in your life. The statement must be concise and not more than 500 words.

The final decision regarding scholarships will be made by the scholarship committee after interviewing applicants.

There is a special quota available for minorities for example Justice (R) Durrab Patel Scholarship, Justice (R) A. R Cornelius Scholarship, Mr. Ardsher Cowasjee Scholarship and others.

Scholarship committee for minorities comprises of Hon. Archbishop, Mr. Kazim Senior Editor Daily Times and Mr. Asif Aqeel.

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