Mr. Salman Ahmad Maan

Mr. Salman Ahmad Maan, Advocate of High Courts, brings a wealth of legal expertise to our Law School as an esteemed member of our Adjunct Faculty and teaches the course of Contract Law.  With a distinguished career in the legal arena, Salman is currently a Partner at Maan & Co. Advocates, a renowned law firm that specializes in both contentious and non-contentious corporate and commercial matters.
Salman’s journey in the legal profession has been marked by significant milestones. He has previously held pivotal roles as an Associate at leading law firms Kilam Law and Bhandari Naqvi Riaz, where he honed his skills and contributed to shaping complex legal landscapes.
A visionary entrepreneur, Salman is the founder of Qanoondan, a pioneering legal video development project in Pakistan. Qanoondan aims to bridge the gap in legal education and practice, fostering a better understanding of the country’s legal system among the masses. This endeavor showcases Salman’s dedication to raising awareness and fostering legal literacy throughout society.
Beyond his professional accomplishments, Salman’s commitment to social justice is evident in his pro bono work. He tirelessly champions the causes of marginalized communities, including religious minorities and women. As a policy expert, he actively engages in discussions aimed at enhancing the current legal framework, underscoring his dedication to effecting positive change.
Salman Ahmad Maan’s multifaceted contributions to the legal field, education, and advocacy make him a valuable asset to our faculty. His blend of practical experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to justice aligns seamlessly with our institution’s values and mission.

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