Visiting Faculty Members


Ms. Nighat Dad is a civil rights attorney and a leading women’s rights campaigner. Since 2012 she has risen to the horizon of women’s rights and digital rights in Pakistan as a star who has been recognized nationally and internationally. She has been awarded the Atlantic Council Freedom Award Dutch Human Rights Tulip Award 2016 among several other prestigious fora.

Ms. Dad is the founding director of Digital Rights Foundation (DRF), Pakistan’s foremost independent organization which has been fearlessly working to promote rights in the digital sphere since 2013. Her name figures on the boards of various national and international organisations. She is a Member of Microsoft Advisory Council on Technology and Human Rights (2019 – Present); Dangerous Speech Project Advisory Board (2016 – present); Data Active Advisory Board (2016 – Present); Amnesty International Tech and Human Rights Advisory Council (2015 – 2017).

She has also contributed toward the debate to improve legislation relating to violence against women and digital space. DRF provides legal advice and aid to the vulnerable women in various kinds of difficulties they face especially regarding online safety. For this purpose, DRF runs a helpline for women victims of harassment.

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