Visiting Faculty Members

Mr. Ahmed Hassan Khan

Mr. Khan is an Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan and a former Additional Advocate General of
Punjab from 2015 to 2017. He is also the leading partner of a renowned law firm, Allied Legal Service.
He completed his schooling from Aitchison College, Lahore followed by Graduation from Government
College, Lahore in the year 1989. Mr. Khan obtained his law degree from Punjab University Law
College, in year 1994 followed by LL.M from Cornell University, USA in 1997.
As a legal practitioner, he has been associated with the firms of Mr. Raja Muhammad Anwar Law
Associates; where he worked independently and also assisted Mr. Anwar in cases of Constitutional, Civil
and Criminal nature, Hassan & Hassan (Advocates); where he served as an associate from 1997 to 1998
where he drafted agreements, legal documents and solicited legal advice to clients. He also represented
corporate clients in litigation in Civil Courts, Banking Courts, District and Sessions Courts and the High
Court. Moreover, he has served as the Chief Regulatory Officer at Lahore Stock Exchange where he
provided his legal expertise and also served as arbitrator in resolving scores of security market disputes
and writing and giving arbitral awards. He served as Legal Head at the Bank of Punjab from September
2007 to October 2008 and tackled the legal issues of the Bank including drafting and vetting of legal
documents and giving legal advice to the Bank. He has also served as the Company Secretary/Head of
Legal & Corporate Affairs of the Escorts Investment Bank Limited where he was responsible of liaising
with the external counsels of the Bank and assisting them in various litigations for and against the Bank in
various courts of law. He represented the Bank before the SECP and Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee)
Limited Lahore and Karachi in legal matters. In addition, he also performed the functions of the Company
Affairs of the Escorts Investment Banks Association of Pakistan on various issues. In his vast experience
of 22 years as a legal practitioner, he has many reported judgements to his credit such as Ameen Masih
Vs federation of Pakistan PLD 2017 LAHORE 610, Hafiz Junaid Vs Government of Punjab PLD 2017
LAHORE 1, Imrana Tiwana Vs Government of Punjab PLD 2015 LAHORE 522 (FB), Iftikhar Ahmed
Vs King Edward Medical University PLD 2017 LAHORE 825 etc.
Mr. Khan also holds great experience in the field of legal education. He is currently teaching Property
Law and Contract Law at Sheikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law, LUMS. In addition, he served as a
member of the Punjab Law College Commission (2016-2018) constituted initially by the Lahore High
Court and then by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to give recommendations on improvement in legal
education in the Punjab Province

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